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Crystal Water Monitor

Crystal Water Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs

Crystal Water Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs

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SIMPLIFIED WATER CARE: Crystal Water Monitor is the smart, reliable way to care for your pool or hot tub. No more guesswork with chemicals or over-chemicalized water. Keep your water crystal clear, safe, and ready for swimming, anytime!

MONITOR, NOTIFY, ADJUST: Smart technology and state-of-the-art sensors monitor your water, testing more than 144 times per day! The app uses trend data from continuous monitoring and notifies you when you need to adjust your water with exact dosing for your favorite chemicals. View your water's pH, ORP, and temperature data, history, and trends from anywhere

EASY TO SET UP, EASY TO USE: Simple pool-side and spa-side installation with connection directly via WiFi. Compact, user-friendly and low-maintenance; features replaceable batteries (3 AA) and sensor. App is free to download for Android and iOS

SUPPORTS CHLORINE & BROMINE WATER TYPES: Works with chlorine and bromine pools, hot tubs and swim spas. Saltwater version available soon

ONGOING SERVICE AND SUPPORT: Free first year of service and support included so you can rest assured your Crystal will always be working to keep your pool or hot tub perfectly balanced. App subscription renews automatically at $99/year ($8.25/month, billed annually) for continued service, support, and replacement sensors, as needed, for your Crystal Water Monitor

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Crystal Monitoring Subscription

$99 a Year - First year free with monitor purchase

Continuous Warranty: We'll replace your sensor and your monitor when needed

Alerts: Crystal Water Monitor sends you a push notification the moment you need to adjust your water

Charts: View your ph, ORP, and temperature charts for up to the last year

Chemical Dosing: Use your own chemicals and our App will tell you when and how much to add

Premier Support: Get help with Crystal Water Monitor when you need it

* Above features are provided as long as you stay an active subscriber

What's In The Box?

  • Crystal Water Monitor
  • Crystal Sensor ( Gold or Platinum )
  • 3xAA Batteries
  • Test Strips
  • Mounting Plate
  • Pipe Adapter
  • 2x Cable Ties
  • Mounting Tape

Technical Specs

  • Monitor Dimensions: 6" diameter x 2" tall
  • Sensor Dimensions: 1.5" diameter x 7" long
  • Cable Length: 4'
  • Frequency of Readings: every 10 minutes (144x per day, over 1000x per week)
  • Accuracy: pH +- 0.2 between pH 4 and pH 10; ORP +- 50 mV between 0mV and 800 mV; Temp +- 0.5ºC between 0ºC and 50ºC